Joss Whedon Talks The Avengers 2 And Marvel’s New TV Show

While promoting the release of his blockbuster superhero film The Avengers last week in Japan, director Joss Whedon took some time to discuss two upcoming Marvel properties as well – The Avengers 2 and a previously announced Marvel TV show.

Although grammatically perplexing, the guys over at Comic Book Movie have done their best to translate Whedon’s interview for us English-speaking audiences.

Here’s what Whedon had to say while speaking to Gizmodo Japan:

Can we expect a larger event, a big team, a big villain in the next film?
“It seems so. Normally It would not be larger because the sequel, and I want to reduce the contrary I believe. Not it but some people listen again to reverse “Then, the volume of the movie?’s Decline” and said that.I also added a new character, of course, just came across this wonderful cast at the moment. What do they exert a synergistic effect each other I just I also began to explore still. I is not always the size of the scale, just how important is the work you poured the love we have said that. Also on a grand scale, the film itself is the more personal you can also. Because things have been given so much already, I do not need to be an addition. The problem is how do I dig deep.”

It seems there’s a television series in production at Marvel Studios?
”Yeah. I do not have to speak about this thing, Marvel now has a new meaning in the entertainment industry by “The Avengers” has been published and can I say one. It has been received to the people rather than mere brand, made with the idea of some kind. It would be very exciting.”

So, how involved are you in other Marvel movies that’re being produced in the future?
“We got very deeply involved. My contract is not just simply for making “The Avengers 2” and consulting the whole view of the world. I’ll also involved in the TV series so. I’m talking about the movie all the public now and Kevin Feige. I’m also working as lead in “The Avengers 2” and so that none of them is the great work.”

It is that the unity Motaseru(?)
“But I’m not supposed to because they should have their own identity to each franchise, in the same way as all. I’m what you should do while careful work does not fit a certain pattern, so meet the expectations. Dont no if there is something in the “Avengers” in the work of each course. Te going to build a world that is integrated but great fun, be unique all the pieces at the same time, not to something exciting when everyone is gathered.”

Is that all elements of movies and TV shows that are now in “Avengers 2?”
“The advent of these guys (and pointing to a poster of “The Avengers”) is conflict. The conflict of characters who are fresh or not, but otherwise, it is their problem with a unique and realistic or not. I knew of their standing position of each character in the story, “The Avengers” series at the same time do not exist elsewhere and not with it. Because there is no need to be able to watch a movie in between who watched “The Avengers” is watched “The Avengers 2”.I think not only contrary to the intention of their own, to put my movie brought something from the other works simply, a smug thing. Even in any movie, it should be approached as I only get one chance only with us this character.”

So, there are a few interesting nuggets hidden amongst the choppy translation, starting with the confirmation that Whedon has already picked a new dynamic character who will join an already accomplished cast of heroes for The Avengers 2. If I had to guess, there’s a good chance Whedon is referring to the previously missing Avengers team member Ant-Man, since Edgar Wright’s long gestating film about the shrinking dynamo was recently confirmed for a 2014 release date.

Whedon also offers us some information regarding his involvement with the Marvel world as it grows, especially since The Avengers set the tone for a collaborative Marvel universe. The director has already shown us a knack for managing numerous complex stories in one feature, a strong quality for television production, and tying a brand new TV show to his Avengers universe would be almost impossible without him consulting. Whedon’s participation in the Marvel TV show certainly is a confidence booster for fans everywhere, as Joss brings previous television experience from his cult hit Firefly to put the icing on Marvel’s cake.

So as Joss Whedon only becomes more immersed in Marvel Studio’s work, one has to be excited at the potential outcome. I love how closely the director is working with Marvel Producer Kevin Feige to ensure a Marvel universe exists as one giant entity, a conscious effort which is positively reflected in each and every film, and hopefully in the television show someday as well.

What do you guys think?  Is Joss Whedon the right man for Marvel to invest so heavily in?