Juan Carlos Fresnadillo To Direct Pet Sematary Remake


Oh those clever folks at Paramount think of everything! In a spot of deft timing with this nation’s favourite holiday celebrating the dead, Halloween, the studio have announced that they’re dragging classic resurrection flick, Pet Sematary, from the dusty closet of 80s horror and back to our cinema screens with a newly-announced director, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.

The original Pet Sematary, based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, was adapted in 1989 by director Mary Lambert to moderate critical and financial success. The story follows the Creed family as they move to a small town in the Northeast which borders a cemetery enabling the buried to return. Head of the family, Louis Creed thinks it’s far better to bring his loved ones back from the dead as murderous simulacra than let them rest in peace.  Don’t worry, there’s plenty of interfering supporting characters to impart wisdom.

Director of superior zombie sequel, 28 Weeks Later, Fresnadillo is in our opinion, a cracking choice for tackling a remake which has frankly been sputtering and starting like an old Nissan Micra for years. The horror maestro amped up the gore and utter repulsion for 28 Weeks, marking him as a chap who’s certainly not bothered about making his cast do revolting things while covered in rabid goo.

He won’t, however, be the first name attached to this updated take. Two years ago, Paramount were pursuing the man who loves to remake, Alexandre Aja (Pirahna, The Hills Have Eyes), to whip this gestating project into shape… but nothing happened. There’s a chance that this time the studio actually intend to you know, produce the film, and they’ve already got material to work from! The script which has been knocking around for three years was penned by David Kajdanich (who also scribbled an early draft of the IT remake) and Matt Greenburg (1408).

Another remake! Oh no! But, really… it can’t be any worse than Pet Sematary 2 can it? Let us know what you think about Fresnadillo’s involvement in Pet Sematary and whether or not the idea of another remake makes you want to set fire to your carefully-carved pumpkins!