Jude Law Says Brie Larson Will Be Magnificent As Captain Marvel


It’s now been exactly two years since Brie Larson was first unveiled to the world as Captain Marvel back at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 and we still haven’t even got a glimpse of her in action yet.

The best we’ve had so far is the teaser at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, which saw Nick Fury contacting Carol Danvers via a sort of space-age pager. For now, then, we have to rely on the word of those working with her on the production of her own solo movie for what Larson will be like in the role. Fortunately, we’re hearing very good things so far.

The likes of Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg, who will be reprising their fan favorite characters in Captain Marvel, have promised that Larson is going to be terrific. And now, Jude Law has given his thoughts on the actress, too.

The British star has been pegged as playing Mar-Vell, the original Kree hero who inspires Carol to inherit his mantle as Captain Marvel in the comics. This hasn’t been officially confirmed as yet, though, so when EW spoke to him, Law was careful not to give anything away. However, he did make clear how highly he rates Brie Larson, saying she’s “absolutely magnificent” as the heroine.

“Yes, it’s been reported I’m playing Mar-Vell. I’m not going to confirm or deny that. It’s been a very interesting experience. Brie Larson has approached it with incredible dedication and devotion. She really turned out a wonderful performance — fun and feisty and smart. I think she’s going to be absolutely magnificent.”

Captain Marvel will effectively retcon Carol Danvers into the timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as it’ll take place in the 1990s and explain how she was the first superhero that S.H.I.E.L.D. had any interaction with. What’s more, Kevin Feige has teased that she’ll be the strongest gun in the whole of the MCU and will be a leading light of the franchise moving forward. Seeing as apparently the future of the series rests on Brie Larson’s shoulders then, it’s a good thing that she’s so “magnificent” in the role, eh?