Judge Grants Stan Lee A Restraining Order Against Former Business Manager


Something very strange has been going on in the world of Stan Lee ever since his wife passed away last year. While we don’t know the full picture, not helped by a number of conflicting sources and people apparently impersonating Lee on social media, we do know that the LAPD’s been called to his house to investigate reports of elder abuse, that there have been rumors of financial irregularities in Lee’s accounts and, most bizarrely, that someone had been stealing his blood to sign comics with.

But things seem to be on a bit more of an even keel lately, and we can perhaps begin to figure out why with this restraining order that says a former business partner of Lee’s, Keya Morgan, cannot contact Lee and must stay more than 100 yards away from him at all times. While arguing the need for this order, Lee’s attorney, Jonathan Freund, claimed that Morgan stole money and art from the comic creator and had begun a process of isolating him from his family and friends with the goal of controlling his life for his own nefarious ends.

The allegations don’t paint Morgan in a particularly good light. Described on his (obviously self-written) IMDb bio as a “noted scholar, historian, producer, writer, director and entrepreneur,” this latest news comes on the back of charges Morgan’s facing for multiple counts of filing false reports, combined with a probation violation of a prior criminal conviction.

After reports that he had “bad intentions” towards Lee surfaced back in June, Morgan responded on Twitter with the following:

Whatever the truth of these allegations or the reason for this restraining order that Stan Lee‘s been granted, I believe there’s a special level in hell for people who take advantage of the elderly for their own financial gain, and if Morgan is indeed guilty of what he’s being accused of, he’ll surely find himself there one day.