New Jurassic World: Dominion Set Photos Tease Arctic Setting


As the movie industry begins to take the first tentative steps to resuming some kind of normality following the Coronavirus pandemic, Jurassic World: Dominion became one of the first high-profile blockbusters to get back underway when cameras started rolling again last week.

Although Hollywood still hasn’t taken the plunge given the recent surge in cases throughout America, Dominion has the benefit of being filmed across the pond at Pinewood Studios in England, similar to how the New Zealand-based shoot of Avatar 2 saw it become the first major production to resume operations last month.

However, things might not have gone off without a hitch depending on who you believe, with Universal denying that there had been a number of positive COVID tests after it was reported in a British tabloid. We’re guessing that the claim turned out to be false after some new set photos landed online that show both the crew in full swing and more of the Arctic setting that’s set to play a major role in Dominion’s story, and you can check them out below.

Previous installment Fallen Kingdom came under criticism for a severe lack of originality, so at least moving the action to colder locations will offer plenty of opportunities for the sort of massive-scale spectacle we’ve come to expect from the resurgent franchise in a setting that we haven’t seen before.

Of course, there’s hardly going to be a lack of nostalgia, with Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern all reprising their roles from Steven Spielberg’s classic original, and if Jurassic World: Dominion manages to avoid the major shortcomings in the plot and character departments that plagued its predecessor, then we could be looking at the best installment in the sequel trilogy yet when it arrives next year.