Watch: Justice League 2 Fan Trailer Teases The Coming Of Darkseid


It’s coming up to two and a half years since Justice League hit theaters, but fans are still not over how it bungled what should have been the biggest moment in DC cinematic history. Due to Warner Bros. changing direction behind the scenes, Zack Snyder’s darker, more epic vision was reshot and re-edited by Joss Whedon, and let’s just say it’s not the best work from The Avengers filmmaker. In an alternate universe out there, though, WB released the first one as is and Snyder was able to work on his planned follow-up, Justice League 2

That’s not going to happen in this world, but this awesome fan trailer gives us a taste of what a second JL movie would’ve been like. YouTube user Billy Crammer has pulled together footage from across the DCEU, the Injustice video games and more to mock up a storyline for the sequel, with Ben Affleck’s Batman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman reforming the league to deal with the arrival of Darkseid. Crammer imagines new heroes joining the team, too, including Green Lantern, You can check it out up above, just ignore the ads he’s inserted at the start and end.

Since the theatrical cut was released, we’ve gradually found out what the original version of Justice League entailed and what Snyder had envisaged for the sequel. Essentially, Darkseid would’ve been the big bad with the Ruler of Apokolops succeeding in taking over the Earth. The Knightmare future glimpsed in Batman V Superman would’ve come to pass, too, with Superman being corrupted by the Anti-Life Equation after Lois Lane’s death. Batman and the Flash also would’ve concocted a plan to travel back into the past to stop Darkseid and save the world.

We’ll no doubt get a Justice League 2 of sorts at some point, but it’d presumably be a reboot and not a continuation of Snyder’s story. The best fans can hope for now is for the Snyder Cut to finally be released, maybe on HBO Max when that’s finally online. Snyder has confirmed that it definitely exists, so fingers crossed it’ll eventually see the light of day.

Source: YouTube