Zack Snyder Brings Us Closer To Arthur Curry With Another Round Of BTS Justice League Pics


When it comes to the vast and immensely rich world of DC comics, Arthur Curry needs no introduction.

Otherwise known as the King of the Seven (or Orin Atlan-son), Aquaman is practically in a league of his own when it comes to the comic book industry, so it’s only fitting that Jason Momoa’s Atlantean is primed for a huge – huge! – 14 months. With Justice League imminent, Arthur Curry will soon be drafted into the world’s greatest superteam in order to fend off an alien invasion, while there’s also James Wan’s solo movie to look forward to in 2018.

As it’s coming from the filmmaker who brought us The Conjuring, Saw, and the opening chapter of Insidious, Aquaman is said to be steeped in Hollywood’s horror genre, which, on paper, makes for a fascinating set-up to Curry’s standalone adventure.

But with Justice League right around the corner, Zack Snyder has shared yet another batch of behind-the-scenes photos designed to take us up close and personal with Arthur Curry across both land and sea. There’s also a beautifully candid shot of Snyder surveying the scene in front of the famous Bat-Signal, not to mention the one of him standing next to Bruce Wayne’s famous ride of choice.

This is another welcome peek behind the curtain on Justice League, particularly when you consider that Zack Snyder spent most of the summer tending to a personal tragedy. In his stead, Warner Bros. recruited Joss Whedon (Batgirl, Avengers) to see JL over the finish line, for which he earned a writing credit.

Zack Snyder’s long-awaited Justice League movie is due to hit theaters on November 17th, and when it does, it’ll seemingly spark the evolution of a new Batman. Forget about the dark and dour Caped Crusader of Dawn of Justice; Ben Affleck’s masked vigilante has been imbued with a renewed sense of hope following the apparent death of Superman, which is just as well given Steppenwolf’s imminent invasion.