Steppenwolf Speaks In The Official Chinese Trailer For Justice League


Three weeks out from D-day, Warner Bros. has officially touched down in China to begin its globetrotting promo tour for Justice League. And an ominous new trailer is here to prove it.

First spotted by Trailer Track, the Powers That Be initially uploaded this truncated snippet to Weibo, which includes some new dialogue and a sliver of never-before-seen footage – specifically, we get to hear Steppenwolf speak, as Darkseid’s sinister underling begins to tighten his grip on planet Earth.

This is by no means the first time that we’ve caught a preview of Steppenwolf’s rough, grating voice (“no protectors here. No lanterns…no Kryptonian…this world will fall, just like all the others”), and it’s safe to assume that this new footage is pulled from the moment when Ciarán Hinds’ otherworldly villain is beginning to close in on those all-powerful Mother Boxes. There are three cube-shaped artifacts in total, and though it’s yet to be confirmed outright, Justice League will likely send Steppenwolf off on a wild goose chase to Atlantis and Themyscira in order to retrieve them.

Also of note, this Chinese trailer stuffs in a few lines of dialogue that we’ve never heard before, including a scene in which the Caped Crusader pokes fun at Aquaman’s weapon of choice (“I’m not the one who brought a pitchfork”), along with that aforementioned moment where Steppenwolf’s patience begins to wear thin. He’s shaping up to be another ruthless and fairly one-dimensional baddie, so let’s just hope Justice League is able to find some nuance within its chosen villain.

Tickets for Justice League are now on sale via Fandango, so if you’re wanting to catch Zack Snyder’s super-sized ensemble movie on opening night, you’d be best securing your seat prior to November 17th.