New Justice League Character Posters Offer Another Look At The Team


Four weeks ago, we uncovered a beautiful, silhouette-styled Justice League poster that welcomed Victor Stone (AKA Cyborg) into the spotlight and quite frankly, it caught the Internet unawares.

Not that we’re one to look a biomechanical gift horse in the mouth, but the fact that Warner Bros. shared said poster without rhyme or reason – in January, no less – led us to question the timing of its Cyborg-centric media dump. Fast forward to now, and with Justice League available across Digital HD, the studio has effectively completed the collection, as below you’ll find an additional set of posters rendered in the same neon style as Victor Stone’s moody profile.

They each feature a key scene from the movie, too. So for Batman, you’ll see Bruce Wayne’s masked vigilante standing over Gotham’s skyline, while the Scarlet Speedster can be seen sprinting down the streets of what we can only assume to be Central City. And of course, given the events of Dawn of Justice, the Man of Steel’s portrait is all about that fabled resurrection, which became the industry’s worst-kept secret just prior to November 17th.

In fact, it’s been reported that Warner’s decision to omit Superman from their Justice League marketing was a costly one, and part of the reason why Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s superpowered ensemble piece failed to break $100 million in its opening weekend. That’s a sorry debut for what is undoubtedly DC’s A-team, and one need only look to Black Panther‘s performance for evidence of Marvel’s ability to launch its mid-tier characters into the mainstream with such care and craft.

Expect the Justice League to touch down on Blu-ray and DVD on March 13th (pre-order here), exactly one month after its premiere on Digital HD. And true to those initial rumors, it won’t feature a director’s cut in any shape or form – but those pining for new content can still expect to find a Superman-centric scene that skipped theaters entirely.