Joe Manganiello Fuels Rumors Of A Potential Justice League Cameo For Deathstroke


Justice League faces an uphill battle if it’s to top Thor: Ragnarok in the cameo department.

As is tradition for any Marvel-related tentpole, Ragnarok carves out room for a hilarious Stan Lee appearance, but there are plenty of other famous faces on the film’s docket as well. While DC’s tentpole is sure to feature a few of its own, a Twitter user by the name of ‘@SupesBatsy’ may have just uncovered what would no doubt be Justice League‘s biggest cameo.

Pointing to a recent Instagram post from Joe Manganiello, who’s still attached to play Slade Wilson for Warner Bros. – and that’s even if he’s not included in The Batman when all is said and done – ‘@SupesBatsy’ posted a side-by-side comparison of Deathstroke’s mask and the original suit that featured in Ben Affleck’s ominous teaser. The former, which was presumably taken only a few days ago, is heavily scarred when compared to the one that almost brought the Internet to a standstill late last year, and though it’s admittedly a bit of a stretch, there are those who believe that this only fuels rumors of a potential Deathstroke cameo in Justice League.

Again, it’s by no means a confirmation, as Manganiello’s recent Instagram pic was posted sans caption, which therefore makes it a little difficult to identify the time in which this photo was taken. Still, it certainly presents food for thought, particularly as DC fans continue to mull over the possibility of a Green Lantern cameo in Zack Snyder’s blockbuster.

On November 17th, Justice League will light up theaters the world over – with or without Slade Wilson. The future is still relatively bright for Deathstroke, though, what with Manganiello and The Raid‘s Gareth Evans in talks to spearhead a villain-centric spinoff movie. Nothing is confirmed as of yet, but stay tuned for more as time wears on.