Justice League Concept Artist Shares Alternate Steppenwolf Design


Last week, Flashback FilmMaking released a new featurette dissecting the villain of Justice League, Steppenwolf. Voiced and motion captured by Ciaran Hinds, the baddie attempted to destroy Earth in the 2017 blockbuster using Mother Boxes but was ultimately thwarted by the titular supergroup. More specifically, Superman.

The warrior from Apokolips is a general in Darkseid’s army, whose coming was initially prophesied in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice during the Knightmare Flash sequence. Unfortunately, we’re not likely to ever see Steppenwolf’s nephew even begin his tyrannical reign, on account of WB and DC’s spat with DCEU creator, for all intents and purposes, Zack Snyder. But I digress.

Artist Jerad Marantz took to Instagram a few days ago and posted the below image of early concept art for Steppenwolf from the turbulent production. On Justice League, Marantz served as a costume concept illustrator and worked closely with costume designer Michael Wilkinson. The image in question depicts Steppenwolf with a “more human face option,” and according to Marantz, was one of “many versions.”

Marantz has worked in the industry for roughly twenty-years and has over sixty film credits to his name. Typically found in the art department, he’s also been accredited with a number of other contributions in the makeup, animation, and wardrobe departments. With any luck, he’ll share a few more early looks at Justice League‘s baddy in the near future.

In the meantime, if you’re pondering what the DCEU could’ve been under Zack Snyder’s control, be sure to check out the filmmaker on social media platform Vero. Snyder’s been particularly relentless on there lately, posting countless Easter eggs and hidden meanings, including some insight into the Knightmare Flash Sequence, mentioned above, and the reason behind Bruce Wayne’s Kryptonite Spear.

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