Zack Snyder Explains Why Batman Used A Kryptonite Spear In Dawn Of Justice


It’s highly unlikely that we’ll ever get to see the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League in our lifetime. However, the man behind Man of Steel is doing his darnedest to keep tiring enthusiasts fight-ready while we wait for WB to perform a miracle and release the damn thing.

Since it softly hit theaters last year, an online petition has amassed well over 100,000 signatures, pleading with Warner Bros. to make available Zack Snyder’s cut of November’s divisive tentpole. As we all know, but don’t want to admit, we’re never going to see it, but that hasn’t stopped Snyder from fueling the fire.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot he can do except fan the flames, and DC fanboys will have to find fulfillment in Snyder’s epic, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, instead. The director’s been quite vocal in recent weeks about hidden easter eggs and deeper meaning in the film and today, he took to Vero once again and posted a response to a critique that frequently hounds his 2016 blockbuster: why would Batman create a Kryptonite spear to dispose of Superman?

Keeping in line with the film’s religious themes, Zack shared the above image of Jesus, nailed to the cross, being pierced by the spear of a Roman soldier. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice houses a ton of Messianic imagery, by and large, a result of the similarities between Superman and the son of God, so this isn’t too surprising to see the director going with a spear as a continuation of this particular theme.

And although Snyder’s response probably won’t win over those who remain critical of the film, the picture does hearken back to a time when the future of superhero cinema didn’t seem so superficial. Sure, in the grand scheme of things, the Caped Crusader could’ve weaponized Kryptonite more logically, but Snyder opted for a more fitting tribute in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and we’re certainly happy he did.