Zack Snyder Shares Photos Of Justice League’s Deleted Scenes


While fans are still waiting for that fabled Zack Snyder cut of Justice League, the man himself has alleviated the tension somewhat by sharing a few photos on his Vero account that hint at some of the deleted scenes from his version of the DC team-up movie that we never got to see.

First up, one image has Diane Lane’s Martha Kent and Amy Adam’s Lois Lane sharing a heart-to-heart at the ol’ Kent farm. It’s likely this was Snyder’s version of a similar scene which Joss Whedon directed for the theatrical cut, which took place in the Daily Planet. We’re guessing Snyder’s version didn’t feature a line about Lois being “the thirstiest woman” Clark ever knew, though.

Another pic features Ezra Miller geeking it up as Barry Allen, wearing an outfit that we never actually saw in the final version of Justice League. As was previously pointed out, his T-shirt references Tales from the Black Freighter, the pirate comic book from Watchmen, which was also directed by Snyder.

Next up, Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry appears in a photo that sees the would-be King of Atlantis slumming it in the back of a truck. It’s hard to work out the context of this image, but it’s possible that it would have been part of a wider exploration of Arthur’s life on land before he gets involved with the League. We also know that more scenes set in Atlantis were cut, including Willem Dafoe’s entire role.

Finally, Snyder has given us our best look at Kiersey Clemons in character as Iris West yet. We previously glimpsed her part in the movie when footage from a deleted scene leaked online, featuring Barry saving the future love of his life, and it’s nice to get more of her here. We’re not yet certain whether Clemons will return as Iris in Flashpoint, as rumours have stated that Warner Bros. might be looking to replace the actress, so this might be the last we see of her in character.

Justice League arrives on Blu-Ray/DVD on Tuesday, March 13th, and can be pre-ordered via Amazon.