Leaked Deleted Scene From Justice League Shows The Flash Saving Iris West


Justice League is now out and, unsurprisingly, it’s splitting people right down the middle. Many fans love it, but critics are giving the film a pounding. Everyone, however, is intrigued to know how it was changed from its original cut.

In case you’ve missed all the behind the scenes upheaval, Zack Snyder had to hand the keys of the movie over to Joss Whedon due to a family tragedy, meaning the reshoots changed Justice League in some major ways. We’re told that only 15-20% of the final cut is Whedon’s, but we suspect this might be underselling it a bit. What exactly belongs to the Avengers director and what came from Snyder isn’t too hard to spot in the film itself, and while a report surfaced yesterday outlining many of the latter’s scenes that were removed, we now have something even better.

Below you’ll see a leak of a pre-VFX scene that was shot under Snyder but failed to make it into the final cut. It depicts Barry Allen saving Iris West and though a couple more surfaced online late last night as well, they’ve since been removed. Unfortunately, what we have here isn’t much, but fans will surely appreciate getting to see Iris’ cameo and a look at what could have been.

With so much having been cut from the film, it’s got people wondering whether this, or any of the other deleted scenes, will ever be released in a more official capacity. That’s hard to say, but Zack Snyder fans have already begun a petition to get a director’s cut of Justice League at some point, and given that we’ve heard there were an additional 10-20 minutes left on the cutting room floor, there’s certainly enough material there for the studio to give us an extended version of some sort.

Staying in the here and now, though, things aren’t looking too good for the tentpole pic at the moment. After opening to an underwhelming $96 million domestically, word is that WB may shift the focus away from the Justice League and instead put the spotlight on Wonder Woman and her universe moving forward. Chalk that up as a rumor for the time being, but it’s clear that things are going to be very different in the DCEU now that the much anticipated team-up film has proven to be a bit of a dud.