Empire Unveils A Host Of New Justice League Action Shots And Subscriber Cover


Justice for all?

One month out from the film’s long-anticipated release, Empire Magazine has crowned Justice League as the cover star of its forthcoming November issue, which comes packing a raft of new stills for the Joss Whedon/Zack Snyder tentpole. In keeping with tradition, the cover, one drawn up by illustrious DC artist Jason Fabok, is merely Empire’s latest subscriber edition, with the standard issue expected online in the coming days.

And so, as the Internet braces for another deluge of Justice League intel, the folks over at CBM have gone ahead and posted high-res scans of Empire’s November issue, revealing a host of exciting action shots from the mega-budget ensemble movie. Featuring an unmasked Caped Crusader and Aquaman straddling a Parademon mid-flight – for the record, it’s the same blood-red action shot included in that mind-blowing trailer from San Diego Comic-Con – these images are designed to take us up close and personal with the League as they begin to embark on a journey to cancel the apocalypse.

Per Empire:

Conspicuous by his absence? Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel, who continues to be the subject of heated debate online. In fact, ardent DC fans have posted wonderful posters that imagine Cavill’s costumed crusader in that famous black Superman suit. Will Kal-El ditch his famous guise come November? Or is it all hogwash? You can, as always, leave your thoughts, comments, and predicitions in the usual place.

On November 17th, Warner Bros. will finally unleash Justice League upon the moviegoing masses, and it looks like the studio is preparing one final trailer to drum up excitement. Word is it’ll be attached to Blade Runner 2049 this coming weekend, which has already garnered a metric ton of buzz of its own.