New Justice League Lineup Rumored To Debut In The Flash

Justice League

The DCEU has enjoyed a renaissance of sorts in recent years, righting the ship after the underwhelming box office numbers and disappointing critical reactions of the Zack Snyder era. Shazam! scored the best reviews the franchise had seen outside of Wonder Woman and Aquaman became the highest-grossing DC adaptation ever, but the shared universe still can’t seem to escape the shadow of Justice League.

Now that the Snyder Cut is happening, questions are being raised about whether the new version of the movie will be regarded as official canon, consigning Joss Whedon’s theatrical edition to the history books. Not only that, but there’s already been conflicting reports about the future of the DCEU’s all-star team, with Zack Snyder rumored to remain involved if his cut of Justice League becomes the success that the studio are expecting. Not to mention that a full-blown reboot with J.J. Abrams at the helm has also been mentioned as a possibility.

The latest report claims that The Flash is set to heavily increase the volume of cameos, and will even introduce a new lineup for the Justice League that will establish the latest iteration of the team as the one that will appear in any future ensemble epics. According to tipster Mikey Sutton, Zachary Levi’s Shazam! and Amber Heard’s Mera will be officially added to the team along with whoever the studio ends up casting as Green Lantern when they appear alongside franchise regulars Flash, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg.

By no means should this be taken as gospel, especially when The Flash already has a whole lot of heavy lifting to do story-wise by establishing the multiverse, without even mentioning that the DCEU also suffered numerous times in the past by overloading their movies with unnecessary subplots and supporting characters. Still, having spent both years and an absolute fortune on the Justice League, don’t be surprised if the long game is to reunite the team in another star-studded blockbuster somewhere down the line.