Justice League 2 And Man Of Steel 2 Reportedly On The Cards With Zack Snyder


Confirmation that the Snyder Cut of Justice League is coming to HBO Max whipped DCEU fans into a frenzy, and the hype surrounding it only increased over the weekend when new footage was revealed at the DC FanDome event. It seems there’s a real enthusiasm to see Zack Snyder’s vision for a DC cinematic universe fully realized, and reports suggest this hasn’t gone unnoticed at Warner Bros.

According to the inside sources of notable leaker Mikey Sutton at Geekosity Mag, the hype the Snyder Cut has generated has convinced the studio to revisit its plans for a Justice League sequel, as well as another Man of Steel movie. The original proposal was to have Snyder direct both until Warner and DC chose to pursue standalone projects and plot a course away from DCEU continuity.

The report claims that “early talks” to put Justice League 2 back on the agenda have taken place, but Snyder’s involvement remains up in the air. However, the tipsters go on to speculate that the filmmaker could well be offered the sequel if his cut of the original Justice League ends up being a smash hit when it lands on HBO Max in four parts next year.

Moreover, Sutton’s sources claim that Snyder could also be offered Man of Steel 2 and potentially a third Superman pic if the Snyder Cut is a success. This would allow the director to see out his original plan of telling the Kryptonian’s story across five movies, assuming the two Man of Steel sequels arrive before the next Justice League team-up.

The leaks also add that Dwayne Johnson is pushing for Warner to keep the DCEU together, not least because he’s keen for his Black Adam to cross paths with Henry Cavill’s Superman. The Rock is thought to have a lot of sway at the studio, and there are signs he might just get his wish.

Although Warner and DC are taking a “multiverse” approach to their superhero franchises, future sequels such as Aquaman 2 and Wonder Woman 1984 are still flying the flag for the original DCEU status quo. Whether we’ll see Man of Steel and Justice League follow-ups expand on this continuity will likely be determined by the reception to the Snyder Cut, but we certainly wouldn’t rule it out.