Justice League Passes $200 Million Mark At U.S. Box Office


Although I’m sure we all have our varying opinions when it comes to Justice League (though not perfect, I personally found it to be an enjoyable moviegoing experience), it’s probably safe to say that many of us who enjoy superhero flicks want to see the genre as a whole to flourish. And for that to happen, it’s key that the big team-up flicks enjoy as much success as possible.

Unfortunately, it’s just not quite happening with this bad boy, as the first film uniting the likes/ of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg is proving to be the least lucrative entry in the DC Extended Universe to date. Still, there are some positives to make note of, with several milestones recently having been achieved.

As you may have heard, Justice League passed the $100 million mark over in China recently and has now passed $200 million in the United States. In fact, the latter occurred on Tuesday, with DC’s mightiest heroes taking in $1.7  million at 3,820 locations on their 19th day in cinemas. Conversely, more popular DCEU offerings such as Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad raked in $285.3 million and $267.3 million, respectively, in the same timespan, so any dancing in the streets you may plan on doing should be reduced from furious twerking to a more conservative robot.

When it comes to worldwide box office, Justice League currently sits at around $570 million. Again, a film of this magnitude should be making more, but perhaps Warner Bros. will at least see there’s some level of interest in these characters by one day granting them a sequel featuring the Legion of Doom as the antagonists, a concept they’re said to be keen on. Hey, you have to admit that a “heroes versus villains” scenario would be much more cost effective than another alien invasion.