The Legion Of Doom Will Play A Big Role In The DCEU Moving Forward


One of the best parts about Justice League is the post-credits scene that features Lex Luthor and Deathstroke. Part of their interaction includes Lex telling Slade about the need to create a League of their own to battle the heroes and naturally, we all got excited by this Legion of Doom reference and what it could mean for the franchise.

While it’s possible that it could just be a cool little nod to the villainous group, there’s also a good chance that they might be the main antagonists for the Justice League sequel. If you look at the CGI backlash, it doesn’t seem likely that Darkseid will be the next bad guy and the producers might take a more grounded approach with real-life actors and smaller stakes.

Chalk that up as speculation for now, as the studio’s remained quiet on their future plans, but adding more fuel to the fire today is El Fanboy, who claims that his sources have told him that Warner Bros. has “taken note of the buzz around the Legion of Doom post-credits sequence, and it looks like they may use the popularity of that concept as the connective tissue for the next few DC films.”

Furthermore, he says that all the recent buzz around Deathstroke, partly created by those photos that have been released, is the studio’s way of placing the focus on the Legion of Doom as they build towards putting the team together. Apparently, there’s going to be a big reveal at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, as WB wants to “continue planting seeds” and will include a post-credits scene for the group at the end of Aquaman, too.

Unfortunately, it sounds like it may be a while before we get anything concrete on this, but the studio is clearly invested in the villainous team and that’s definitely exciting to hear. Again, though, we still need to get a few more members on the roster before things really begin to take shape, as right now, it’s only Lex and Deathstroke. Presumably, the next few DCEU outings will recruit characters like Joker, Black Manta and maybe even Black Adam, by which point the team will be big enough to pose a real threat to our heroes.

Like we said before, this all remains as speculation until Warner Bros. confirms it, but it’d certainly be a smart route to head down in the wake of Justice League and could be just the thing to keep this burgeoning cinematic universe from falling off the rails.