BTS Justice League Photos Tease Victor Stone And Life Before Cyborg


Victor Stone may not be on the same level as Bruce Wayne or Diana Prince – and perhaps he never will be – but thanks to the imminent release of Justice League, Cyborg is taking one giant leap toward becoming a household name.

Much like Barry Allen (Flash) and Arthur Curry (Aquaman) before him, Stone has been limited to a small cameo role up until now, having cropped up on Batman’s list of extraordinary individuals. Or metahumans, if we’re going by the official term. But the dawn of justice is coming, and though Justice League is said to be noticeably lighter in tone post-reshoots, we can’t wait to see Victor Stone’s origin story unfold.

Besides, with no firm release date for DC’s Cyborg spinoff (late 2020, perhaps?), it’ll be an awful long time before we get to see Ray Fisher’s bionic superhero stand on his own robotic feet. So Justice League will have to do for now. And with this being Wonder Woman/Cyborg week, /Film has uncovered three behind-the-scenes pics showcasing Victor Stone and life before Cyborg.

Prior to that horrific accident, Victor Stone was a successful football player. But when tragedy strikes, his father, Silas Stone (Joe Morton), is left with no choice but to rebuild his son through alien technology – the very same technology that Steppenwolf longs after.

Indeed, earlier this week we got a sneak peek at Steppenwolf threatening a hapless human, and it’s likely that Silas Stone is about to be thrust into the line of fire come November. It would certainly give Cyborg a reason to take up arms against Darkseid’s subordinate, but chalk this up as innocent conjecture for the time being.

Said to be targeting a domestic bow in the region of $110m-$120m, which would put it just ahead of Thor: Ragnarok, Warner’s long-awaited Justice League movie will begin its quest for box office supremacy on November 17th.