Yet Another Justice League Promo Thrusts Diana Prince Into The Spotlight


It’s officially Wonder Woman week for those in the Justice League camp, and Warner Bros. is marking the occasion with a whole host of promos and featurettes dedicated to the one and only Diana Prince.

Unlike Aquaman and The Flash, who were each given an entire week to flaunt their stuff, Gal Gadot’s Immortal Warrior is sharing her window with Cyborg. A twisting amalgamation of man and machine, Oliver Stone’s alter-ego is one of the lesser known DC characters – at least within Warner’s superhero franchise – so it’ll be interesting to watch how audiences react to Cyborg in three weeks’ time. Indeed, if you’re curious, WB also debuted an insightful featurette for Ray Fisher’s bionic hero that delves a little deeper into his origins and, more importantly, what he brings to the team.

Diana Prince, by stark contrast, is riding high after Wonder Woman went on to become one of 2017’s success stories. Patty Jenkins’ standalone pic wasn’t always destined for greatness – remember, the DCEU had struggled to strike a balance between tone, story and levity prior to the arrival of Diana Prince’s solo movie, and though it may not generate the same outpouring of love and adulation, things are still looking good for Justice League.

Earlier today, for instance, we brought you the news that Zack Snyder’s long-anticipated ensemble movie is eyeing a domestic bow in the region of $110m-$120m, which, if true, would put it just north of Thor: Ragnarok on the box office standings.

But at this stage of the game, and with Warner’s marketing blitz beginning to reach its explosive climax, word of mouth will be the biggest factor in determining the pic’s initial success.

Justice League makes a beeline for theaters on November 17th. And to double down on the team’s fighting spirit, a stunning new poster has arrived bearing that signature caption: “you can’t save the world alone.”