New Justice League Promo Explores Aquaman’s Comic Book Origins


While we’re fully well aware that the wait for Justice League is arguably harder to endure now more than ever due to opening weekend being merely nine days away, the folks at Warner Bros. marketing are at least helping us pass the time.

As was to be expected, there have been a select few who have already had the privilege of seeing the silver screen debut of DC’s premier superhero team, be they critics or casual moviegoers that happened to have lucked into viewing an early screening. From that, varying opinions have since found their way online, with some claiming that Batman and Wonder Woman were the standout characters, while others felt the Flash stole the show. Not having seen the film myself, I’m in no place to argue, but if such praise is aiding the Flashpoint movie in being green lit, well, then I’m all for it.

Obviously, things such as those are but a matter of opinion, but if even a Dark Knight devotee such as myself is to be honest, I think it’s Jason Momoa’s Aquaman who may end up commanding the most attention. Seriously, everything we’ve seen thus far shows that the actor has blended his own personality with the badassery witnessed throughout Geoff Johns’ New 52 run, along with the swashbuckling qualities of Batman: The Brave and the Bold‘s iteration of the character.

And since we have more than a year to go until Arthur Curry’s solo flick debuts, a cool new promo detailing his comic book origins has been thrown together in order to help bring people up to speed. Narrated by DC All Access co-host Tiffany Smith, it also features artwork culled from Aquaman’s rich history that spans three quarters of a century. Really, there’s stuff here ranging from the Golden Age up through Jim Lee’s iconic image depicting the King of Atlantis summoning a Great White shark, something that needs to one day be included in a movie.

Justice League opens in theaters on November 17.