Justice League Reactions Say Batman And Wonder Woman Steal The Show


Though a handful of reactionary tweets and pint-sized previews have already escaped embargo (spoilers: they’re great), Warner Bros. is reportedly working to ensure that all reactions to Justice League‘s screenings are kept on lockdown.

Peter Sciretta of /Film took to Twitter late last night to confirm his attendance, only to clarify that “no reactions” will be posted until the official embargo lifts – exactly when that will be is another question entirely. Online predictions are all over the show, with some claiming that Warner has dated the review embargo for as early as next week. Meanwhile, there are those who believe that critics won’t be able to hit ‘publish’ until November 15th – two days before the film’s release.

That’s traditionally a bad sign when it comes to embargoes, though we should stress that Warner Bros. tends to wait until the eleventh hour before flipping the switch. Nevertheless, with so much riding on Justice League, Twitter user ‘Siddhant Adlakha’ has found a way around the system.

First spotted by CBM, Adlakha used a “sandwich” and its many ingredients as an analogy to explain his take on Justice League. Essentially, the Twitter user enjoyed his dish for the most part, despite the fact that it was made by two chefs (read: Snyder and Whedon). The fish (Aquaman) was apparently a little underwhelming, but the wonder bread, coupled with the dark meat, both stole the show. Lastly, there was also a cute shoutout to Cyborg, who is seemingly a “pleasant surprise,” so take from that what you will.

Meanwhile, here’s that confirmation from Sciretta:

Hoping to build on the meteoric success of Wonder Woman, which went on to score a whopping $821 million worldwide, Justice League is booked in for a release on November 17th. Other projects in the works at WB include an Aquaman spinoff from James Wan and Wonder Woman 2, which will reunite Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot in time for December, 2019.