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Diane Lane “Totally Impressed” With Justice League’s Final Cut, Promises Lots Of Surprises

Diane Lane, who plays the role of Martha Kent in Justice League, has revealed that she was left overly impressed by the film's final cut.

Six months ago, Diane Lane made the headlines after she implied that Justice League would fall short of The Avengers – to her credit, the Martha Kent actress later issued a statement to clear the air, and chalked it up to a simple misunderstanding.

Fast forward to now, and with Justice League casting a big, DC-shaped shadow over theaters, Lane has given her verdict of Warner’s final cut – a final cut that was allegedly squeezed into a two-hour timeframe in accordance with the studio’s mandate.

During her recent appearance on The Today Show (via Screen Rant) Diane Lane addressed Justice League‘s long-anticipated release, which is arguably 2017’s last remaining blockbuster – save for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, of course. It was here that the actress took the opportunity to reveal how she was “totally impressed” by the film, and that the end product will seemingly come packing “lots of surprises.”

I just saw the movie, I’m very pleased. Lots of surprises, and some fabulous acting from everybody. I mean, I was totally impressed.

It’s important to stress that Hollywood’s pool of talent will always speak highly of their own projects – unless your name is Tommy Wiseau and you’re left staring down the barrel of The Room – and Diane Lane was likely wary of causing another Twitter storm if she openly criticized Justice League while on air. Because the Internet tends to deal in binary, anything less than glowing praise would have drawn suspicion.

One way or another, this is another positive review to add to the growing collection, after early screenings placed JL on par with Wonder Woman. At the risk of comparing apples to oranges, that could mean Justice League is destined for box office glory, particularly now that analysts have predicted a strong opening weekend in the region of $120 million. And that’s before word of mouth was factored into the equation.

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