The Justice League Ripoff Marvel’s 10th Anniversary Posters In Hilarious Fashion


Well, you just knew this was coming.

Several days ago, Marvel released 33 snazzy new posters celebrating their 10th anniversary. Each one featured a prominent MCU character – Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Doctor Strange, etc. – along with a tagline that read More Than A (fill in the blank). So, for instance, Tony Stark’s said More Than A Suit, while T’Challa’s read More Than A King.

As expected, the parodies have been flooding the internet at an alarming rate, with Deadpool taking a go at Marvel earlier this week and now, the Justice League having their turn. Seen in the gallery below, you can feast your eyes on DC’s beloved heroes stepping into the spotlight, with each one getting their own poster along with a suitable tagline. Some of them are quite humorous, too.

Pretty funny, eh? Unfortunately, the state of these characters themselves as they exist on the big screen is no laughing matter. After the critical and commercial failure of Justice League, Warner Bros. is now skating on thin ice, desperately trying to salvage what’s left of the DC Extended Universe. Thankfully, though, things are looking promising.

Wonder Woman 1984 is generating a ton of hype at the moment after its title unveiling was followed by the reveal that Steve Trevor will be back, while Aquaman had the lid blown right off it yesterday thanks to Entertainment Weekly’s coverage of the film. That included photos, first looks and more, with James Wan promising to introduce us to an incredible underwater world.

Whether all of this will be enough to save the DC Extended Universe will be told in time, but if nothing else, there’s much for fans to look forward to in the months to come and hopefully, the next few entries into the franchise will be able to wash the poor taste of Justice League from our mouth.

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