Justice League Snyder Cut Release Date Window Revealed


Just over a month ago, after a prolonged and passionate campaign from fans, Zack Snyder confirmed that his cut of Justice League had been greenlit by Warner Bros. The news left diehards cartwheeling, skeptics shrugging and film stars grousing about having to do reshoots for a 3 year old movie.

In the initial announcement, we learned it would be arriving on HBO Max sometime in 2021. Today, that window has been narrowed a bit and it’s good news for fans. And that’s because Warner Bros. are reportedly looking at debuting the Snyder Cut in the early part of the year.

With financial backing estimated at over $20 million, this is set to be a blockbuster recut in more ways than one. That’s an unprecedented outlay for this kind of project, but one that I’m certain they’ll recoup. The hype that the whole endeavor is already producing has been immense, after all.

Last week, that hype was stoked even further when we got our first sneak peek, and by sneak peek I mean the sneakiest of peeks. There were two shots – Gal Gadot looking fearfully at an ominous mosaic and Darkseid in all his CG-caked glory. I’m sure the more learned among you will be able to read more into it, though.

Quite the summer it’s been at DC Towers. Snyder Cuts here, potentially thrilling revisitations there, (come to think of it, more than one). The only downer has been Wonder Woman 1984’s increasingly forlorn release, having been moved from June to August, to what one hopes is its final starting position in October.

Anyway, this isn’t the place for downers. Uppers, that’s what we’re after – and I’m not talking about speed. Zack Snyder’s Justice League is arriving in the early part of next year, that ought to be all the buzz you need.