Zack Snyder Reveals Wonder Woman Killed Steppenwolf In His Justice League


On the same weekend that DC fans flew a plane over Comic-Con to promote the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut campaign, director Zack Snyder has treated those desperate to see his version of Justice League some day to a sneak peak at how he would have ended the team-up movie.

On his Vero account, the filmmaker shared three early renderings of a climactic scene which would have seen Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman launching herself into the air and killing the evil Steppenwolf via decapitation. In his caption, Snyder – who’s previously revealed that he’s never watched the theatrical cut of the film overseen by Joss Whedon – wrote:

“Not sure how they killed Steppenwolf in the theatrical version of JL… this was never finished all the way, but I use Gods to kill Gods.”

In the theatrical cut of the movie, it’s unclear whether Steppenwolf survives or not. Diana does play a key role, though, as the shot of Gadot in the second image above is used as she lunges at the villain and destroys his weapon. The fear he feels at being overpowered by the League then causes the Parademons to feed on him, before a boom tube appears to hoover the lot of them back to Apokolips.

A similar portal would’ve shown up in Snyder’s cut, as the director’s previously revealed that Darkseid would have been glimpsed on the other side of it, a tease that he was to be the big bad of Justice League 2 and 3. Neither of which are going to happen now, of course. Even if his Justice League was released, it wouldn’t complete Snyder’s vision for the DCEU.

Wonder Woman, though, continues her adventures in the franchise, with WW84 coming next summer. We can’t see her decapitating anyone in that film, though.