Justice League Star Jokes That He Wants To Play An Old Grizzled Blade


When most people think about Blade, Wesley Snipes is the first image of the Daywalker that comes to mind, which is something Mahershala Ali will be keenly aware of as he and writer Stacy Ossei-Kuffour begin piecing together the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s reboot. Snipes is open to the idea of a cameo, but it’s probably a much better option to let two-time Academy Award winner Ali put his own stamp on the role.

Throughout all of this, though, not a single soul appears to have mounted an online campaign for Sticky Fingaz to drop by, after the rapper played the character in the short-lived 2006 TV series that was canceled after one season. There’ve actually been more than a few notable names to have embodied Blade over the years, with both Harold Perrineau and Terry Crews voicing him in animated form as well.

Now, Justice League star Ray Fisher has thrown his hat into the ring to be the next live-action iteration, albeit in 30 years or so. The Cyborg actor joked about wanting to play Eric Brooks after Ali had his fill with the MCU given his love of the Snipes trilogy, but he admitted that he could be waiting some time for the opportunity.

“I’m not sure right now. I mean, obviously Blade is one that I loved growing up as a kid, but Mahershala Ali, who I know is going to slay it, is already in that space. But maybe one day I’ll be like an old grizzled Blade or something. Give it like 30 years, I’ll be like the Whistler version of Blade.”

Fisher hasn’t actually appeared in any movies yet that aren’t part of the DCEU, and having effectively drawn a line under his tenure as Cyborg in the wake of his Justice League allegations, he might well be on the lookout for his next comic book gig. Unfortunately for him, though, it’s not going to be Blade, unless he’s willing to stick it out for a few decades.