‘Justice League’ star still hoping the SnyderVerse is restored

Justice League

The ongoing Justice League saga continues to split the DCEU fanbase down the middle, and there are no signs of the continued online campaigns disappearing anytime soon.

While plenty of supporters are happy to look forward and embrace a raft of blockbuster sequels and brand new characters making their big screen debuts, there’s an equal number of people who can’t seem to let the SnyderVerse go. HBO Max’s four-hour version of Justice League was supposed to act as the exclamation point, but it would be an understatement to say that things haven’t exactly panned out that way.

Barely a day goes by without Zack Snyder, his mythology, or his cut of the infamous box office bomb becoming one of Twitter’s top talking points, and that’s not going to change at any point in the near future. Speaking during a recent appearance in Dubai, Darkseid actor Ray Porter admitted that he’s still not giving up hope that the SnyderVerse will be resurrected, restored, and continued.

“There’s always hope. I don’t know anything about it, and I think a lot of moving parts would have to shift into place for it to occur, but that’s way above my pay grade. I do know that this fandom – if they desire something enough – can move mountains. I believe in the fans, and I have hope.”

Snyder is plenty busy with his slate of Netflix projects, though, and it can’t be discounted that he’ll extend his two-year deal with the streamer when it begins nearing an end, either. As always, the ball remains steadfastly in Warner Bros.’ court, but fans are never going to let this particular candle burn out.