Ray Fisher Says There’s Limitless Potential For A Cyborg Movie


Jason Momoa’s King of Atlantis is the first of the secondary heroes from Justice League to get his own movie – Aquaman, entering theaters this month – with Ezra Miller’s The Flash seemingly stuck in development hell. Meanwhile, the trail on a solo flick for Cyborg has gone cold lately, though not for lack of enthusiasm on the part of its presumed star Ray Fisher.

Always the mascot for the DCEU – well, the franchise formally known as the DCEU – Fisher spoke to ComicBook.com on the red blue carpet for Aquaman and opened up about what he’d like to see in a Cyborg film, explaining a bit about how he thinks the storyline could really tap into the modern world and how the possibility for the character is “limitless.”

“One of the things is that we have so much technology, we as human beings are so dependent on technology, that the potential for Cyborg is almost limitless with what he could do,” Fisher said. “We’re talking about a guy who could, if he wanted to, could launch all the nukes with just a thought. He could stop all the cyber-terrorism in the world, if that was what his aim was because you don’t have people running and knocking over banks the way they used to. You’re not going and holding them up, you’re getting on you’re keyboard and you’re handling it that way. I think to be able to see that shift and have it be a real world, in time view of where we’re at in technology would be the most effective thing we could do.”

Interestingly, last month, The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzales shared a comic book panel featuring Victor Stone coming back to life, suggesting that he might’ve heard that the movie was being resurrected. However, we haven’t heard any new info on this since then so, if the info’s accurate, it still sounds like the project’s in the very earliest stages. Fisher himself has championed Zack Snyder, the man who cast him in the role, as his perfect director for the film as well. However, it looks like Warner Bros. has cut ties with Zack for the most part, so we can’t see that happening.

Fisher’s right about what he says in the quote above, though. The character hasn’t traditionally been a standalone hero in the comics, but there’s a grand tradition of cyborg heroes on film – Robocop, the Terminator… er, Inspector Gadget? – so a Cyborg movie could really be something special if executed properly.