Justin Lin Confirms Terminator 5 Talks

Now that he’s back (pun intended), everyone is wondering when Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to return to the Terminator series. It’s going to happen, there’s no doubt in my mind. It’s just a matter of when. Justin Lin, director of the upcoming Fast Five, is apparently in talks to direct the film and he recently confirmed that he did indeed speak to Arnold about returning to the franchise. He didn’t specify when it would get made or if it was even for sure happening, but there have been talks about it and I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t happen.

Lin recently told Omelte:

“I feel I have a take that I would love to see, and I’ve talked with Arnold and we’ve talked and we’ll see. Again, I would love to do it, but it has to be the right circumstances. It has to be the right people. And there’s other projects too. But I’m in a position now that I can choose more than I could a year ago, two years ago. So that is something that is potentially in my future, but when I get home I will sit down and look at my options and choose what I want to do.”

Like I said, I can’t see why this wouldn’t happen and after the mediocre Terminator: Salvation, I would be more than happy to see another film in the franchise, especially if Arnold is in it. I’m sure we’ll get more news on this soon and when we do we’ll be sure to keep you posted.