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Kang Could Stick Around The MCU For The Next Decade

Kang is here to stay.

Kang Loki

The season 1 finale of Loki tied into the wider MCU in a major way as it featured Jonathan Majors’ Marvel debut. The Lovecraft Country star appeared as He Who Remains, a variant of none other than Kang the Conqueror, whose presence was alluded to by the end of the episode. As comic book readers know, Kang is one of the biggest threats to the Avengers and he’s fully expected to be the franchise’s “new Thanos”.

Kang’s future in the MCU is unclear, however, as Majors’ only confirmed upcoming appearance at this stage is 2023’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Given his importance, it’s a safe bet that he’ll be sticking around a long while after that. In fact, he may be hanging around the MCU for the next decade. We’ve heard from our sources – the same ones who told us about Anthony Mackie’s Captain America 4 before that was confirmed – that Marvel has plans for Kang for the next 10 years.

We’ve often heard that Marvel Studios has got a decade’s worth of projects lined up, and now it seems that many of them will involve Kang. This might seem like overkill, but when you consider all of Kang’s variants and how he’s been portrayed in so many different ways in the comics, it’s easy to see how he could be utilized for that long. For instance, these plans will likely include his teen heroic counterpart Iron Lad, a member of the Young Avengers.

Likewise, the fact that Kang has tons of variants will allow for other actors to play him, so that doesn’t mean that Majors will necessarily be locked into the MCU for the next 10 years. That’s a hefty commitment, so it’s possible that other Kangs – like Rama-Tut, Immortus and obviously Iron Lad – will be portrayed by different stars. Just as Tom Hiddleston didn’t play every variant in Loki.

Marvel fans have been waiting for Kang to come to live-action for ages. Now it looks like he’s here to stay.

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