Kanye West Debuts Runaway Film

So tonight was the night. Kanye debuted his new and first film, Runaway. In addition to the film, he revealed yet another new song from his upcoming album. That makes it 9 now, 9 songs out of the 12 that we’ve heard. By the time the album comes out we may have heard it all.

Anyways, just some initial thoughts. The new song, Dark Fantasy, not a fan, at all. It’s ok though because the majority of the songs he has debuted from the album are fairly good. Not digging Dark Fantasy though, perhaps it has to grow on me?

Thoughts on the film, well it’s unique, I’ll give him that. I’m a huge Kanye fan so I obviously liked the film, I’m just not sure what to make of it. What does it all mean? It’s going to take a few more viewings to fully comprehend it, that’s for sure. I’ve watched it twice and I enjoyed it both times but I’m still trying to make sense of it all.

It was great to hear that new version of All Of The Lights, that’s one track I absolutely can’t wait for. It was also nice hearing Lost In The World, another track from the upcoming album that leaked earlier this month. It’s an amazing song and one of my favorites. I’m very happy it was included in the movie.

Anyways, check out the film below and let us know what you think.