Karl Urban Reportedly Being Eyed For Riddick Sequel


Based on his filmography over the last two decades, Vin Diesel would apparently be more than happy if his entire career consisted of nothing but franchises. Since the year 2000, the action star has appeared in 24 movies, and only eight of them have been in roles that weren’t either Dominic Toretto, Xander Cage, Groot or Richard B. Riddick.

Out of those eight, The Pacifier was once the subject of sequel talks, The Last Witch Hunter is currently having a follow-up written and both Babylon A.D. and Bloodshot were clearly designed with franchise potential in mind before they bombed at the box office. That’s just four movies in 20 years that were made without the studio planning for further installments.

Out of all of his recurring characters, though, you get the sneaking suspicion that Diesel loves Riddick the most. He persevered with the series after the big budget space opera sequel flopped, and finally got the third outing made nine years later. And ever since the goggles-wearing convict was last seen in 2013, the 53 year-old has frequently reiterated his desire to get Riddick: Furya off the ground.


While it remains to be seen when we’ll actually lay eyes on the next installment, insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that Karl Urban is being eyed to board the project, after he played the villain in The Chronicles of Riddick and returned for a brief cameo in the third movie. The last we saw of Urban’s Vaako, he was kneeling before the title hero as his new leader, which presents a straightforward way to reintroduce him into the story of the next one as either an ally or enemy, depending on what direction Diesel and writer/director David Twohy decide to take the narrative in as they hammer out the next Riddick script.

But tell us, would you like to see the Dredd actor return to the sci-fi franchise? As always, let us know down below.