Kate Mulgrew Talks Designing An Animated Janeway In Star Trek: Prodigy

Image via Paramount Plus

Star Trek: Prodigy‘s premise and audience focus meant it received a mixed reception when it was first announced. The CG-animated show is designed for younger viewers and follows a group of rebellious teenagers who steal a starship and head off to see the galaxy. But just because something is aimed at children that doesn’t mean it can’t be great TV – just look at the continued popularity of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Interest in the show spiked following the announcement that Kate Mulgrew’s Captain Janeway will be returning –  her first appearance since a brief cameo in Star Trek: Nemesis. A little cold water was poured on that hype when it was revealed that this character won’t be the actual Janeway, but an AI training hologram in her image, but it’ll still be nice to have her back.

Now, in a new video, Mulgrew has talked through the process of recreating such a familiar character in animation. Check it out:

It seems Mulgrew has a new appreciation for the work animators put in, with the footage showing that they’ve captured Janeway’s haughty but warm personality.

The producers must like what they’ve seen of Prodigy so far, as a second season is already in production and will air sometime next year.

The next few months are looking bright for Star Trek fans. Discovery‘s fourth outing begins on November 18th, with Picard season 2 arriving early 2022. But first up is Star Trek: Prodigy, which premieres on Paramount+ on October 28th and will then be shown on Nickelodeon. Let’s hope it engages our attention.