First Look At Captain Janeway In Star Trek: Prodigy Revealed

Star Trek Voyager

Our first look at Kathryn Janeway in upcoming animated series Star Trek: Prodigy has finally been revealed. Paramount Plus has been hosting an all-day virtual celebration this First Contact Day, using the occasion to tease what’s to come in the Trek universe over the next year. We’ve already got new trailers for Picard season 2Discovery season 4 and Lower Decks season 2, and now, here’s a glimpse at Kate Mulgrew’s fan favorite Starfleet captain in the family-friendly show.

Prodigy follows a motley crew of juvenile aliens who commandeer a derelict old Starfleet vessel and sail the galaxy as they boldly go on wild adventures. But they’ll have some adult supervision in the form of Janeway, or at least a hologram version of her. During the series’ virtual panel, showrunners Kevin and Dan Hagerman confirmed that Janeway appears in the form of an Emergency Training Hologram built into the ship, and here’s how she looks:

Mulgrew is a fan of this design for her character, too, sharing the image on Twitter and describing her as looking “absolutely fantastic.”

“Doesn’t she look absolutely fantastic?” she wrote. “A huge thanks to the #StarTrekProdigy team for bringing this next iteration of Captain Janeway to life. An honor to be back among my Trek family with a new show targeted at the next, next generation! @brothershageman @StarTrek”

As you can see, hologram Janeway is based on her younger self, complete with a Voyager era uniform. The series itself, however, is set in the year 2383, which is just a handful of years after we last saw the real Janeway in Voyager‘s fifth and final season (which takes place in 2378) and a decade and a half before the events of Picard (set in 2399). Prodigy has also been revealed to take place in the Delta Quadrant, Janeway’s old stomping ground.

Earlier today, Paramount Plus announced that Lower Decks season 2 is the next new season to air, premiering this August 12th. Discovery‘s fourth run meanwhile, is coming in late 2021, and Picard season 2 isn’t due until 2022. With Star Trek: Prodigy scheduled for this year as well, that likely means we can expect it sometime this fall, sandwiched between the two other series. There’s still more to come this First Contact Day, too, and you can catch it all over at