Keanu Reeves doesn’t think there will be a sequel to ‘The Matrix Resurrections’

the matrix resurrections
Photo via Warner Bros.

Fans of The Matrix Resurrections may be disappointed to know that Keanu Reeves’s star is doubtful there will be a follow-up.

While the movie was divisive among both critics and fans alike, it certainly has its defenders, and some say it’s one of the very best in the series.

The news comes to us from a recent interview in Empire Magazine, in which Reeves said of sequel prospects, “I don’t believe so. If I had to cast a ballot — No, not a ballot, a vote. I would say that Lana would not do another Matrix.”

The film is a bit of a meta-commentary on movie reboots themselves, with Reeves once again donning the role of Neo, reimagined as the demure videogame programmer Thomas Anderson, renowned for his work in creating a trilogy of Matrix videogames. In this newer, deadlier artificial world than in past films, Carrie-Anne Moss’s Trinity also makes a comeback.

Responding to Reeves’ remark and also being interviewed at the time, Moss added that when it comes to sequel prospects, “We thought about this one too.”

However, it’s important to note that not too long ago, director Lana Wachowski wouldn’t have dreamed of making a follow-up to her and sister Lilly’s original trilogy of films, but eventually, Lana changed her mind. The same thing might happen again in the future; you never know.

To this point, Reeves said that if Lana did want to make a fifth Matrix movie and “invited” him back, he would happily take part.

“If she invites me again, I’m in!” He said.