Keanu Reeves And Timothée Chalamet Reportedly Starring In New Horror Movie

Keanu Reeves

John Wick: Chapters 4 and 5 may no longer be shooting back-to-back as had previously been the plan, but that doesn’t mean that Keanu Reeves‘ schedule is getting any lighter. The actor already has the fourth installment in The Matrix franchise in the can and coming to theaters and HBO Max in December, while he’ll be donning the master assassin’s tailored suit once again when shooting on Chapter 4 kicks off in June.

Not only that, but it was announced just the other day that Reeves is bringing his BRZRKR comic book to Netflix. The action icon co-created and co-wrote the series, and he’s set to star in a live-action movie and voice the lead character in an animated companion show. Now, a new report is offering up that the 56 year-old is teaming up with Timothée Chalamet for horror thriller The Hunter and the Fox.

Apparently, Reeves is being eyed to play a father who begins an affair with a tour guide, causing his son to fall in with the wrong crowd, in a story that’s been described as having shades of Stanley Kubrick. Chalamet is said to be in contention for the role of a young man who exerts a bad influence over the son, before the story begins taking a more supernatural turn.

The Hunter and the Fox is listed as being in development on IMDb, and that’s about as far as the official information goes, although it sounds like a hugely exciting project. Keanu Reeves has spent decades deflecting criticism over his acting abilities, but he’s a solid and reliable presence if handed the right material outside of his action-orientated comfort zone, and a wayward father caught up in a supernatural mystery sounds like a meaty role that he could really sink his teeth into.