Kevin Feige Reveals How Cap 3 Evolved Into Captain America: Civil War, International TV Spots Boast New Footage


Had The Winter Soldier not gone on to be such a critical and commercial success for Marvel, the studio may have ventured down a different creative avenue when settling on Captain America 3.

That’s according to boss Kevin Feige, who revealed to io9 that directors Joe and Anthony Russo, along with the core writing team, wanted to craft a worthy follow-up to the 2014 thriller, one which would simultaneously include Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes and up the ante. And so, we arrived at Captain America: Civil War.

There’s also a trio of international TV spots to be found after the jump, including fleeting glimpses of Ant-Man in action – burrowing under Tony Stark’s suit and wreaking havoc – not to mention the ambiguous Baron Zemo.


First up, Feige reflected on how the Marvel writing team hatched Captain America 3 in the first place, and how they always wanted to continue the arc of Sebastian Stan’s man out of time.

“We developed Captain America 3 knowing we wanted to continue the Bucky story,” producer Kevin Feige told io9. “Is Bucky going to get his mind back? What is Bucky struggling with, after the tag scene on Winter Soldier, and how does Steve’s desire to save Bucky bring him into conflict with something else, thinking about how do the sins of his past sort of affect him? And [writers] Chris [Markus] and Steve [McFeely] came up with a number of cool plots that could’ve worked, but none of them were feeling worthy of a follow up to Winter Soldier.”

Marvel’s head honcho then went on to reveal how early pitches imagined a Civil War without Spider-Man and even Iron Man, but Feige was thankful that the stars ultimately aligned – thanks in large part to brokering a deal with Sony over Tom Holland’s webslinger.

“I thought, if we’re going to do Civil War, which I always wanted to do, this is the time to do it,” said Feige “All we have to get is this this, this and this. ‘Okay, well the odds of that are very slim.’ ‘Okay, but if we could, what would it be?’ Chris and Steve started to chart out various versions of the movie. [Versions] without Iron Man, [versions] without Spider-Man—but we’re very lucky we got to make the whole one. The one we really wanted do.”

Captain America: Civil War is due to arrive in theaters on May 6 in North America. That’s a mere fortnight away, and to whet your appetite further, you can feast your eyes on the all-new TV spots below.

Source: io9