Kevin Feige Says He’s Not Worried About Fans Getting Bored of the MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is indisputably the biggest game in town, racking up over $23 billion and counting at the box office after 26 feature films, while the recent wave of Disney Plus Day announcements brought the total number of in-development streaming shows up to a whopping seventeen.

If any other franchise in Hollywood threatened to put out four big screen blockbusters and five episodic exclusives on an annual basis, then fans might start to get worried about over-saturation. Eternals has already led to much internet doomsaying claiming that the MCU’s hot streak is over and it’s the beginning of the end, but that’s an almost foolishly reactionary take.

Speaking at the Hawkeye press event hosted by ComicBook, Feige addressed concerns that there’s too much content coming from Marvel Studios, confidently claiming that fans will never get bored of the long-running superhero series because there’s so much variety on display.

“It feels like the audience has responded the way we wanted them to. It doesn’t seem like an overabundance of it. I’ve always said no one will ever get bored before we at Marvel Studios will of these projects. Going twenty-plus years, I’m not anywhere near bored yet because we’re allowed to do within the sub-genre so many different types of things with amazing casts like. Some have seen the first two episodes, and I’m very excited for them to see the rest.”

Now that the streaming expansion is underway, and What If…? opened the doors to animation as well, Feige is betting big on three separate fronts that the fanbase is with the MCU every step on the way. Based on what we’ve seen over the last thirteen years, we’ve got no reason to doubt it.