Kevin Feige Teases Future Stan Lee Cameos


Even among filmgoers who’ve never touched a comic book, Stan Lee is still a recognizable figure for his traditional Marvel movie cameos. And though the legendary writer is no longer with us, you can expect to see him at least a couple more times on our screens in upcoming MCU releases like Captain Marvel and Avengers 4.

In fact, with directors Anthony and Joe Russo explaining earlier this year that Lee’s cameos were filmed in bulk, there’s no telling how many more MCU appearances the late publisher might still have to go. In an interview with Variety, however, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige thought it best that Lee’s future screen outings stayed a mystery for the time being:

“I’m not going to tell you what specifically, but Stan always appreciated a good surprise.”

Feige offered much the same line when he spoke to THR, suggesting that the producer is set on giving few details away on the matter, and sure enough, the element of surprise is certainly one reason why Lee’s cameos have proven to be such a delight for fans over the years.

In the same interview, Feige reflected on Lee’s immense legacy, arguing that the world and the characters he created will be remembered well after the MCU has run its course.

 “Stan dominated pop culture. He saw it and was aware and he loved it. I’ve been saying for years that the characters he created will outlive all of us making the movies, and enter the pantheon of myth which he read and was inspired by as a kid.”

Ever since the news broke that Lee is no longer with us, we’ve been seeing an outpouring of online tributes to Stan Lee from fans and celebrities alike, with such screen heroes as Mark Ruffalo, Hugh Jackman, Chris Evans, and even Mark Hamill expressing their admiration and gratitude towards the renowned figure. It’s true that Lee’s had an immeasurable influence on pop culture, and it looks like his legacy will continue to endure and evolve for many years to come.