Kevin Hart Trolls Dwayne Johnson, Calls His Action Movies Stupid


Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are well-known for being close friends off-screen, but like any best buddies, they can’t resist taking shots at each other anytime the opportunity presents itself.

Having first worked together on Central Intelligence, the little-and-large duo have since starred in the two blockbuster Jumanji sequels, and are always looking for their next project. Despite making fun of one another on a regular basis, their bond is a close one. Johnson left his honeymoon early to fill in for Hart’s talk show appearances after the latter was injured in a car crash, while the stand-up comic has backed the former professional wrestler should he ever make the jump into politics.

Though Johnson is the biggest movie star in the business with a string of big budget action blockbusters under his belt that usually see him wearing khaki shirts and overcoming insurmountable odds, Hart has yet to take the plunge into similar territory. However, that’s all set to change with upcoming series Die Hart, which sees the diminutive actor play a fictional version of himself after becoming tired of being a sidekick and wanting to headline an action epic of his own.

In a recent interview to promote the series, which is unfortunately set to air on the seemingly-doomed Quibi, the 41-year old couldn’t resist having a dig at his friend’s career path when asked if he wanted to follow a similar trajectory as an action star.

“Not Dwayne Johnson-type stuff, because those things are stupid. My things are gonna be a lot better. I lined up like 13 projects already, all action. One of them is called This Building Ain’t Mine. Another project is called I’m Not What You Think I Used To Be. It’s about robots. There’s another one called Spy I, Robot I. Smith Mr. And Mrs. Just working titles. Possible Mission. Don’t Train My Dog, I Got This.”

Die Hart also stars Game of Thrones and Fast and Furious actress Nathalie Emmanuel as a rival wannabe action hero, with John Travolta set to chew on the scenery as the head of Action Star School. The concept is a solid one that probably deserves a bigger audience than it’ll find on Quibi, but it would be safe to say Dwayne Johnson won’t be losing any sleep over the threat of Kevin Hart stealing his crown anytime soon.

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