Kevin James Reveals The Hardest Part About Shooting Adam Sandler’s Hubie Halloween


Working on an Adam Sandler movie doesn’t appear to be the most taxing endeavor, with the Happy Madison Productions head honcho gathering together a bunch of his friends to head off to various locations around the world to have a good time and churn out a series of disposable comedies that will never garner much in the way of critical acclaim, but always draw in a huge audience.

Sandler’s latest effort, Hubie Halloween, is no different, with the holiday film rocketing to the #1 spot on Netflix’s Top 10 most-watched list just 24 hours after it was released despite another tepid response that sees it holding a steadfastly mediocre Rotten Tomatoes score of 51%, while we gave it a bang average review ourselves.

Director Steven Brill, writer Tim Herlihy and stars Kevin James, Steve Buscemi and Rob Schneider are all back for their umpteenth collaboration with the leading man, and James has already admitted that he loves working with Sandler so much because all of his sets feel like one giant party. However, there was one aspect of Hubie Halloween that the former King of Queens star wasn’t too impressed with.

James sports a ridiculous wig as Salem police officer Steve Downey, but he also wears sunglasses throughout the entire movie, even though a lot of the action takes place at night. And in a recent interview, the 55 year-old admitted that the shades caused some issues when it came to shooting the driving scenes.

“It was hard to get used to by the way, because a lot of the night shoots I couldn’t see anything. I had to drive the squad car and I was like, are you kidding me? I can’t do this, man.”

All things considered, having to wear sunglasses while driving a squad car in a Netflix movie is hardly the end of the world, and if that counts as a problem, then you can fully understand why the gang keep getting back together over and over again.