Kevin Smith Shares His Thoughts On The X-Men Joining The MCU


Fans everywhere are fascinated by the possibility of the X-Men joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For the longest time, such a crossover would have been impossible but, due to Disney’s takeover of 20th Century Fox, the rights to the Children of the Atom as well as the Fantastic Four have returned home to Marvel Studios. The question now is, when will we first see them folded into the MCU?

Being the massive comic book movie fan that he is, Kevin Smith naturally spoke about the potential for the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the latest installment of his Fatman on Batman podcast. Along with co-host Marc Bernardin, Smith voiced his excitement for what the studio could do with the mutants.

“It means that the things we’ve been hoping for are gonna come to pass. Kevin Feige and the Marvel Universe get to play with those toys sooner rather than later.”

The duo then touched on the old rumor that perhaps Marvel have secretly added at least some kind of foreshadowing to the coming of the X-Men into Avengers 4 during the movie’s recent reshoots. Smith wrote the possibility off as unlikely, but admitted it was a “best case scenario.”

“They don’t even have to do it. I guess on one level you could be like, ‘How do we top killing half the Marvel Universe?’ By bringing them back and bringing in, like, ‘Fuckin look at the X-Men! Even though we’ve seen him a thousand times, this is our X-Men now! The better X-Men!'”

Bernardin then suggested that Marvel could go down the alternate realities route and introduce some of the original cast members of Fox’s X-Men movie franchise as their universe crossed over with the MCU. However, the host shed doubt on this happening in Avengers 4 as it would’ve been too difficult to keep something that juicy a secret.

Kevin Feige himself has previously told us that he’s not seriously thinking about working with the X-Men and the Fantastic Four at this time, though he does have some inklings of ideas. That hasn’t stopped fans from furiously theorizing about the different ways the franchises could be merged together, though.

And so on that note, tell us, how would you like the X-Men to be introduced into the MCU? Drop your own theories in the comments section down below.

Source: YouTube