Kevin Smith Had A Very NSFW Reaction To The Batman Reveal


As if The Batman’s hype engine wasn’t overdriven enough already, it’s now practically exploded in the wake of last night’s first look at Robert Pattinson’s Caped Crusader. You can check out some of the reactions from DC’s Twitter following here, but it’s not just the general public who want to get in on the react act.

American filmmaker, actor, comedian, public speaker, comic book writer, author and podcaster (so according to Wikipedia, the Renaissance Man) Kevin Smith has also chipped in with his response. And it’s pretty hilarious, as you can see below:

That’s the great failing of modern Batman movies; there was no Batpole in any of them. Fingers crossed director Matt Reeves takes the feedback onboard, then. Just not in the way Kevin Smith is intimating. Yikes.

Of course, Pattinson joins a long line of Batpeople with this official first glimpse of him in the suit – a line dating back over 50 years to Adam West. Fair to say the tone has shifted somewhat since his 1966 cinematic debut, though. This will be the first Batman movie since West passed away, too, and some kind of tribute in it would be welcome.

Anyway, as usual (you know the drill), leave a comment down below, possibly related to The Batman, though I can’t police your thoughts. Maybe you’ve had a delicious breakfast and can’t contain your joy any longer. The internet simply must hear about this. Or maybe you’re bored and looking for someone to talk to. This is the wrong place for counseling. But if you do have thoughts on the Patto-Batto teaser, they’re welcome, too. Though I wouldn’t make any definitive judgement until we’ve seen him properly. After all, a carefully-lit-to-conceal teaser is hardly sufficient, something Twitter’s hardcore users never seem to realize.