Kevin Smith Reviews Zack Snyder’s Army Of The Dead

Army of the Dead

During the discourse swirling around Zack Snyder’s Justice League, long before it was even confirmed to be happening never mind released, Kevin Smith always proved to be a reliable source of information for the mythical DCEU blockbuster dating back years.

In January 2019, he revealed plot details for the filmmaker’s two planned follow-ups, the majority of which have long since been corroborated by Snyder himself, while he also teased Green Lantern’s involvement in the HBO Max exclusive before it came to light that Warner Bros. requested that Wayne T. Carr’s John Stewart be cut from the movie, as well as his hints towards multiple cliffhangers leaving the door wide open for sequels.

Either his longtime friend Ben Affleck was passing the intel along, he knew people close to the production or he’s familiar with Snyder himself, but Smith has always been effusive in his praise for the 300 and Watchmen director’s work. So it’s no surprise to discover that the View Askewniverse creator had nothing but positive things to say about Netflix’s Army of the Dead and the movie’s balls to the wall approach to a zombie epic.

“There’s wonderful tongue-in-cheek stuff. I especially liked how they did the backstory because you know not every zombie backstory is the same but they are all kind of virtually the same. So instead of just like, you know, taking for granted that this is a world where sh*t has been going on forever, they kind of do a montage.

You know, the story of how Vegas becomes the land of the dead and sh*t that’s fun at the same time because it’s done to a bunch of schmaltzy Vegas songs. There were no weak links in the f*cking cast, like it’s just well done.”

Admittedly, Smith doesn’t say much that strays too far from the general consensus, with the majority of Netflix subscribers agreeing that Army of the Dead‘s solid ensemble do good work with thinly-drawn characters and Snyder continues his hot streak of memorable opening credits sequences.

That being said, it’s a good thing that so many folks share the same opinion when the streaming service is clearly banking on an entire shared universe to pop up in the wake of the apocalyptic heist thriller, with prequel Army of Thieves and animated series Lost Vegas on the way in the not too distant future.