Kevin Smith Refuses To Die Until He’s Seen Avengers: Infinity War


In a dramatic development far more compelling than any in his recent movies, Kevin Smith recently suffered a massive heart attack and nearly died. It turns out he was suffering from a 100% blockage of his LAD artery – known as ‘the Widowmaker’ – and if he had gone through with the show he was planning to do that evening he probably wouldn’t have made it.

After being pumped full of morphine and stabilized in a hospital, he’s currently in recovery, and took some time to post a video to his fans reflecting on his family, his personal life and his career, noting that after Dogma, God probably wasn’t going to step in and save him.

However, it turns out that there was one important factor that caused Smith to cling to life so fiercely: Avengers: Infinity War.

“This film is why I survived my heart attack,” he wrote. “I refuse to die til I see @Avengers. In fact, anticipation for all of these flicks might keep me alive for decades. I will accept eternity only if/when the most important Kevin in the world (Kevin Faige) is done making @Marvel movies.”

It’s a touching sentiment – and one that many diehard fans will be able to relate to. It sounds ridiculous, but when you’re that hyped up for a movie, game, TV show or whatever, you do worry that you’ll suddenly be hit by a bus or something and your last thoughts will be “damn… I’ll never get to see.. what happened with.. Kylo Ren and Rey in.. Episode IX…” It’s silly, but looking forward to these blockbusters really does give us something to anticipate, even when life is handing you lemons in the shape of massive heart attacks.

The Tweet also places some pretty big responsibility in Kevin Feige’s hands, pretty much giving him power over the life of Kevin Smith. Given that Feige looks like he’ll be making Marvel movies right up until the heat death of the universe though, I don’t think he’s got much to worry about.

That being said, if Avengers: Infinity War turns out to be half as exciting as its final trailer, Smith had better watch himself when he goes to the premiere, lest the film lands him right back in a hospital bed.

On a more serious note, get well soon Kevin. Your movies made teenage-me laugh my ass off.