Kevin Smith Reveals He Cried Multiple Times Watching Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984

It’s become something of a running joke that Kevin Smith cries all too easily, especially when his favorite pop culture brands are involved. The Mandalorian‘s season 2 finale was the last thing to reduce him to a bubbling wreck, but at least on that occasion you can understand his reaction given the 50 year-old’s lifelong devotion to Star Wars.

However, he was also brought to tears by The Rise of Skywalker, a sentiment that not a lot of other fans would share, while the first trailer for Bumblebee was enough to have him reaching for the tissues as well. Then there was Bill & Ted Face the Music, though in that instance he admitted that the waterworks may have been influenced by his well-known affinity for a certain herbal remedy.

The actor, director, writer and podcaster has now revealed to the surprise of absolutely nobody that he cried multiple times during Wonder Woman 1984, and based on the moments that sparked an emotional response, Smith must have been crying pretty much the whole way through the movie’s 151 minute running time.

“I cried when the jet turned invisible. I cried in the opening ceremony. I really thought that was kind of beautiful. I cried in the mall, when she appears for the first time. Like, all that goofy, saving the day sh*t. Think about this, this isn’t me sh*tting on anything one iota. But, remember in Justice League, the first appearance of Wonder Woman is this crazy British guy who’s like, ‘My bomb’s not gonna go off. So, I’m going to shoot all these children in the face’.

She shows up and stops him. That is harrowing. Really harrowing. Nothing in this movie, particularly in the first 15 minutes was very harrowing. Maybe the guy grabbing the girl and holding her over the railing was a little harrowing. That was as intense as it got. But, like Wonder Woman’s saves were charming. Straight out of Donner Superman.”

The filmmaker might be in the minority when it comes to the invisible jet, because a lot of viewers felt that it came out of absolutely nowhere, with Diana suddenly revealing she’d learned how to make things disappear, which felt like a bit of a contrivance designed solely to fit it into the movie somewhere. However, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, and Patty Jenkins will surely be heartened that at least some people are experiencing Wonder Woman 1984 the way she intended, even as others tear it to pieces over the various plot holes and questionable body horror.