Kevin Smith Thinks He Knows Who Bill Murray Will Play In The New Ant-Man Movie

bill murray

These days, the most efficient method of making sure you become a Hollywood mainstay is being inducted into the MCU hall of fame. As Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings so poignantly proved, the comic book giant has the power to change lives overnight, with the star of that film, Simu Liu, rising from relative obscurity to household name near instantly.

For the old guard, this isn’t as necessary. After all, when your name carries the same amount of weight as Bill Murray’s, you can afford to be picky with auditions. Apparently, the perks of being an established movie icon also include facing little to no repercussions from Kevin Feige for off-handed comments revealing your role in an upcoming MCU film.

Ever since Murray strongly implied that he’d be appearing in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Qauntumania, fans have been frantically attempting to solve his mystery role. While we’re likely still a ways off from learning the truth, though, Kevin Smith thinks he has the answer.

During the latest episode of his FatMan Beyond podcast (H/T, ComicBook), Smith put forward to the crowd that he believes Murray will play big bad Mephisto. Crowd-pleasing and meme-aware response out the way, a warmed up crowd is subsequently privy to Smith’s more serious and more mundane response. Murray, the director believes, will play none other than Scott Lang’s dearest father in Quantumania.

A safe guess, then, but certainly not guaranteed, by any means. Have your own suspicions about who Bill will play in Marvel’s upcoming Phase 4 flick? Sound off in the usual place below!