Kevin Spacey Escapes One Set Of Assault Charges After Accuser’s Death

Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey won’t be charged in a sexual assault case following the accuser’s death, Los Angeles County District Attorney Deputy Christina Buckley confirmed last week.

In this particular case, which was formally dropped, the unidentified accuser was a noted massage therapist who had worked with the House of Cards and American Beauty star on multiple occasions. He accused Spacey of trying to kiss him, and alleges that the 60-year-old actor forced him to grab Spacey’s genitals during a session in Malibu a little over three years ago.

The accuser, who has yet to be identified in the press, had reported the misconduct to the LA County Sheriff’s Department, who then turned the investigation over to the D.A.’s office in the summer of 2018. Unfortunately, in the time that the D.A. was building and reviewing their case, the accuser passed away, reportedly after a bout with cancer. But it wasn’t until last Monday that Buckley officially dropped the cases.

“During the course of the investigation, the victim passed away,” she wrote in a declination report. “The sexual assault allegations cannot be proved without the participation of the victim. Thus, the case was declined.”

There are several other accusers who have come forward to blame Kevin Spacey of sexual misconduct, but they have yet to file any more official lawsuits against him. Previously, the D.A.’s office had declined to file similar cases against the actor because the allegations fell outside the statute of limitations.

This is a rather strange development, given that the accusations against Kevin Spacey were among the many starting points of the #MeToo movement two years ago. But perhaps those who’ve come out and spoken about their experiences can take comfort with the fact that the two time Academy Award-winning actor has more or less been outcasted from Hollywood. His name, as should be the case with any other sexual predator, is as good as the plague.